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In September 2011, I came up with the idea for Life Circle. Truth be known, I'd had similar ideas before for running a Life Circle or Circles with a group of people meeting together. This time, I decided to turn it into a blog series and have a virtual Life Circle. And thus it was born.

You can read the post where I introduce the Life Circle and what I want it to be about here.

For the first task, I set the next task in a separate post. After that, to up the pace a little, I set the task for the following week in the same post as the results from the week before.

I will add links to all the posts as they are published below.

Week 1 was the Wheel of Life.
Week 2 was the Life Plan.
Week 3 was Goal Setting.
Week 4 was SMART Goals
Week 5 was using TGROW
Week 6 was Celebrating Success.

I decided to put LifeCircle to bed for December and relaunched in January 2012.

Our first week was just an introduction to others who are joining in. 
Then it was time to revisit the Wheel of Life
The next week, we committed to take some action.
Next, we wrote a Life Plan (again)
On the fifth week, we gave a progress report on our actions.
Then, we tried out some time management techniques
And after a little break, we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone to see how it felt.
Then, I decided it was time we tried to do a bit more saying no
We had a little bit of me time next.
And the following week, we reviewed next steps.
Currently, we're working on pushing our comfort zone again, but this time with some suggestions on how to do it successfully. The linky for this is going to be published on 3rd May, meaning LifeCircle is having a bit of an Easter holiday.

And if you want the badge to add to your posts, it's here. If you resize in Blogger, it might end up a lot larger than you bargained for, so don't mess with it unless you really want it bigger as it won't reduce back down again! I can't answer for other platforms but it could be the same.

  Life Circle
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