Thursday, 2 February 2012

LifeCircle 2012: How did you do?

Life Circle We all had actions, which we set ourselves two weeks ago. The deadline was, handily, two weeks. (There's method in my madness, see?) This week is all about how we got on with those actions, and how we feel about it.

I know I didn't tell you what my actions were, but I'm pleased to report that I completed the ones I set myself and I feel quite proud of that as I have had to push myself slightly to do so. Setting the actions were a big push, in the right direction of course. And do you know what? I feel really good. It has made me feel more in control of a lot of things, beyond the areas I took action. I've had a little blip these last few days - think it was the January blues finally kicking in a bit late - but I have been able to snap out of it to some extent.

I know that personally, I need actions and to do lists to keep me focussed and a lot more productive. Yes, I'm a doer and I get things done but I get a lot more done when I have a list to work down and can focus on it. Maybe at some point, I'll cover time management in a task if enough people think it will benefit them and share how I do it.

Now, it's over to you. I really appreciate you joining in and I would really love it if you can be totally honest this time. Don't forget to say, if you didn't complete all your actions, why you think you didn't and any barriers - real ones or otherwise - that you feel got in your way. If you feel that is not appropriate for your blog, do let me know some other way, via email for example.

Don't forget the linky accepts entries from 6am on publication date and that you have plenty of time to link up as the linky below will stay open until 16th February. And don't forget to come back on Saturday for yet another LifeCircle task.

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