Friday, 3 February 2012

A little gentleman?

Monkey can be a little devil at home and will try anything to get his own way. (Doesn't work!) At school, and everywhere else apart from with us, he is a little angel. School love him because he is a good friend and has good friends, always behaves himself and has only ever had some of his golden time taken off him twice - and he claims once was because another child in his group was shouting and didn't quieten down when asked.

I think calling him a little gentleman is pushing it a bit far. He's hardly the world's most fashionable dresser (he's 6, why should he care about that sort of thing?) as he will aim to live in football shirts as much as he can, and outside school, lives in trainers, jeans and his Oscar long sleeved t-shirt as much as he can and a hoodie for good measure if it's cold. .

That aside, we were recently asked to try a clothing range called Lucas Frank which bills itself as leisurewear for little gentleman. We took a look at the (admittedly small) range online together and he picked out the t-shirt "because it has a lighthouse on the front" and the hoodie, both in navy, which I had expected as it's his favourite colour apart from red. I tried not to look at the prices too closely and just judge what arrived.

As I had expected, when they turned up, they were beautifully made - the stitching was good quality, the fabrics felt lovely, soft and substantial. The buttons on the hoodie were nice and chunky. The fit is a little large although I did get 7-8 as he is quite tall for his age and will soon be 7 anyway. Still, at the rate they grow, it'll fit properly very soon.

Monkey does love these clothes. He loves the lighthouse on the t-shirt and the day after these arrived, he wore the hoodie everywhere, then promptly left it with grandparents so we didn't get it back for a week. It's back on again now, he says it keeps him nice and warm.

My only reservation is the price. £19 for a t-shirt and £39 for a hoodie. I think I am yet to buy him very many clothes that cost more, barring winter coats, and shoes of course. It will be good to see how they stand up to the rough and tumble of outside play when the weather gets nicer and warmer. I just think that that is an awful lot for items of clothing that a child will quickly grow out of them, more so for the little ones as the range starts from 18 months. It's not as if I have a second boy who will also make use of it. It is leisurewear - if it was for a special occasion, maybe I wouldn't baulk at it so much but for clothes that are going to get abuse from normal wear.

Maybe I'm just a bit tight. Maybe I'm not really the type of parent this range is aimed at. Maybe I don't consider my son enough of a little gentleman to consider buying the clothes, even if they are lovely. More than likely, I just don't have the money to. Oh well, he'll be dressed like one anyway.

(We were sent the above items for the purposes of writing a review. I have not been paid to write this post, and I have not been told what to write. All words and opinions are my own (and Monkey's!))
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