Monday, 31 March 2014

Meal Planning Monday - the last week of Spring term edition!

Meal Planning MondayYes, really. If you're not up on how this year is panning out schoolwise, a lot of areas finish this week and go back straight after Easter, due to it being so late this year. In fact, I can only think of one time when it was later as husband's 40th fell on Easter Sunday and his birthday is 24th April.

Added to that, I've got year end to contend with for the next month or so. So I'm busy at work and the end of term brings lots of things going on whilst gearing up for the holiday.

I'm late posting this but my plan came first and was all done and dusted in time for Mother's Day yesterday. This week, we're at a school event on Thursday night and I'm going to Manchester for The Cake and Bake Show on Saturday.

Without further ado, it's over to the plan.

Monday - Chicken, sweetcorn and mushroom tagliatelle
Tuesday - Slow cooker vegetable biryani
Wednesday - Pizza baked potatoes
Thursday - Sandwiches
Friday - Chicken and sweetcorn soup
Saturday - Fishfingers or pizza
Sunday - Salmon with new potatoes and green beans

More plans over at Mrs M's. (Badge above will take you there.)

Monday, 24 March 2014

Meal Planning Monday - the mad March edition!

Meal Planning MondayWhen do I ever post serene ones? Life is never simple when you have children at school, it seems. This week, we have a day off for the teacher's strike to deal with - I cannot complain as we have been largely untouched by strike days in the time they've been at school. On top of that, all their usual activities - cricket, dancing, swimming - and somewhere in all that, I have work to do.

Anyway, one thing stays constant - my meal plan is done and the shopping done yesterday, by virtue of the fact Missy Woo went to a party at Blackpool Zoo and I went food shopping whilst she was there, rather than me pay £10.50 to go round with her. As I had a spare 3 hours (yes, 3) I headed to the nearest supermarket with a cafe, wrote my shopping list and away I went. I love starting the week feeling organised!

So, here's what we are eating

Monday - Vegetable pie (no recipe link as I'm making it up based on a couple of recipes)
Tuesday - Slow cooker beef massaman curry
Wednesday - Pizza
Thursday - Sandwiches
Friday - Honey mustard pork
Saturday - Chicken and mushroom tagliatelle
Sunday - Mother's Day. I'm not planning to cook!

That is it. Oh yes it is. But you might want to mosey over to the home of the lovely Mrs M. Click badge above to find more coherent meal planning posts than this.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Meal Planning Monday - the very late March edition!

Meal Planning MondayYes, yes, I'm late. No excuse. Let's get on with it, shall we? We've already had a family favourite, lamb, coconut and mango pilau done slow cooker stylee today (and very nice it was too!)

Tuesday - Sausage meat plait
Wednesday - Honey mustard pork
Thursday - Sandwiches
Friday - Beef and bean hotpot
Saturday - Sweet potato and mushroom quesadillas
Sunday - Maybe a freezer dive due to a snowboarding lesson and a party at Blackpool Zoo!

More meal planners, hopefully not as late as this, over at Mrs M's. Click badge for details.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Meal Planning Monday - the spring is sprung edition!

Meal Planning MondayNow Monkey's birthday stuff is all over and done with, we're well into March and the weather is beginning to feel springlike. The nights are lighter (which the children love as they can play out after school with friends) and everything just feels better.

I don't know if my meal plan reflects this change in weather but the children have been involved in this week's plan as I asked them what they wanted to eat. "Chicken kievs" came the reply. Great! The one thing I don't make from scratch too.

They did come up with one or two other things which I've added. I've also been going back through my mealplans and picking out things we like so that I can quickly pick them out instead of having brain freeze when faced with a blank sheet of paper. I came up with 100 different things (and some of them have variations!) so I think I should be OK for a while.

This is our week then.

Monday - Mexican lasagne
Tuesday - Pizza baked potatoes
Wednesday - Kedgeree with poached egg
Thursday - Sandwiches
Friday - Chicken kievs
Saturday - Prawn and coconut curry
Sunday - Roast dinner

Mrs M has all the Meal Planning Monday posts. Click the badge top right to discover what everyone else is eating.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Meal Planning Monday - a birthday week edition!

Meal Planning MondayI'm shattered after my weekend away working but I've just cobbled my plan together. I'm not cooking much over the weekend as Monkey is 9 on Sunday. How'd that happen? He's having a party Saturday afternoon so Saturday is likely to be frozen pizza.

The rest of the week is planned, mostly from this month's Good Food which landed on my doorstep this weekend. If you want a recipe, wait a few weeks and it will appear on their site.

Monday - Spring chicken paella
Tuesday - Lamb and chickpea fritter wraps
Wednesday - Smoky bacon and tomato spaghetti
Thursday - Sandwiches
Friday - Boerenkool Stamppot
Saturday - Freezer stuff
Sunday - Out for birthday tea

That's my week. More meal plans will be at Mrs M's. (Badge above).
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