Monday, 27 January 2014

Meal Planning Monday - the last leg (of January!) edition

Meal Planning MondayIt's finally here (well nearly) - the end of January and the nights are beginning to feel a little lighter. Hurrah, I say. Our usual busy week is ahead of us - children singing, dancing, swimming (thankfully not all at once) and a busy work week for me as a quarterly deadline approaches.

The week is made up of a soup to use up leftovers, an easy meal to cope with the fact that I am watching them sing in Asda on Tuesday after school, a slow cooker meal and some random other stuff chosen by me or Monkey. Nothing outrageous.

This is it then.

Monday - Chinese chicken and sweetcorn soup
Tuesday - Meatballs, mash and gravy
Wednesday - Lamb and lentil crumble
Thursday - Slow cooker Caribbean chicken with rice and peas
Friday - Chilli with cheesy cornbread
Saturday - Mushroom stroganoff
Sunday - keeping free for now

Enjoy your week. Don't forget to visit Mrs M's place by clicking the badge above and seeing what others are having this week.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Meal Planning Monday - the boring mid-January edition!

Meal Planning MondayJanuary. Doesn't it go on forever? I mean, I know I have a birthday in January, but after that, there are still 25 days to go until February. It feels like 125. Don't ask me why but it does. I'm not on an alcohol ban, food ban or other strange regime (apart from doing more classes because there are lots of new ones I want to try) but I'll be frank, it's dragging. How can there be 2 more full working weeks in the month?

Moan over. I've tried to find some new things to brighten our January. I'm doing well so far this month because the chilli with cornbread topping I made last week was fabulous and will become a regular in the house. Here's hoping for this week's set of meals.

Talking of which....

Monday - Sausage and onion rosti
Tuesday - Roast squash and sweet potato soup
Wednesday - Fish finger butties
Thursday - Tasty turkey hotpot
Friday - Sizzling salmon with bean mash
Saturday - Pizza (from the freezer)
Sunday - Roast chicken

What's on your menu? Tell me then wander over to Mrs M's blog - badge above.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Meal Planning Monday - the January back to work edition!

Meal Planning MondayThe day has arrived. I've been off work for 37 days which have actually passed in the blink of an eye but Christmas does that, doesn't it? Even last week flew by in a flurry of birthdays, a resumption of school activities and getting back into the exercise groove.

Thinking that this week will pass in a never ending battle against a mailbox full to the brim, I have planned early and even had a Sunday food delivery. Today is a leftovers recipe, and tomorrow's is a dish that is in the freezer. The rest is a mix of new things and old favourites - Missy Woo asked me to do the lamb pilau as both of them love it.

So, this is it.

Monday - Turkey and stuffing chelsea buns
Friday - Fish pie
Wednesday - Chilli with cornbread topping
Thursday - Chunky butternut squash mulligatawny
Friday - Cheese and lentil loaf
Saturday - Lamb, coconut and mango pilau
Sunday - Roast chicken

And now I'm starving just reading that lot, so that must be a good sign! Come back next week for more. And in the meantime, click the badge above to see more meal plans.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Meal Planning Monday - the getting back to it edition!

Meal Planning MondayMonday is the start of the first week of the New Year and the children go back to school. I'd have loved an inset day but seeing as the official start of term was 2nd, school has already had two last week (yes, really!) so a third is bit beyond the pale.

Why would I like an inset day? Because it is my birthday and now the children are at an age where they feel they are missing out on things. Especially as husband and I are going out for lunch. They've made me a cake too but they want to be there and to be honest, it would be lovely to have them around. To make up, we're going for ice cream after school. Hey ho.

Apart from that, the week's plan is all about getting back into varied and mostly healthy eating. There are lots of healthy recipes in Good Food this month which is where most of this week's meals comes from. I try to get them to eat as many vegetables as possible but today is all about speed, so it's back to it tomorrow. Apart from that, the week is back to normal - well, apart from the fact that the children have nothing on Mondays this term (for now) and Monkey's swimming is now on Sunday, meaning Thursdays are no longer quite as rushed as last term. Yes!

Here's the week

Monday - Chicken kievs for the children, sandwiches for grown ups (and cake!)
Tuesday - Sweet potato shepherd's pie
Wednesday - Turkey meatballs and pasta
Thursday - Curried squash, lentil and coconut soup
Friday - Squash, mushroom and gorgonzola pilaf
Saturday - Sausages with aligot
Sunday - Roast dinner with the usual stuff

That's it for this week; I'm off to do nothing. It's my birthday, you know! PS Click on the badge above to go over to Mrs M's, where there will be much more meal planning loveliness.
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