Monday, 20 January 2014

Meal Planning Monday - the boring mid-January edition!

Meal Planning MondayJanuary. Doesn't it go on forever? I mean, I know I have a birthday in January, but after that, there are still 25 days to go until February. It feels like 125. Don't ask me why but it does. I'm not on an alcohol ban, food ban or other strange regime (apart from doing more classes because there are lots of new ones I want to try) but I'll be frank, it's dragging. How can there be 2 more full working weeks in the month?

Moan over. I've tried to find some new things to brighten our January. I'm doing well so far this month because the chilli with cornbread topping I made last week was fabulous and will become a regular in the house. Here's hoping for this week's set of meals.

Talking of which....

Monday - Sausage and onion rosti
Tuesday - Roast squash and sweet potato soup
Wednesday - Fish finger butties
Thursday - Tasty turkey hotpot
Friday - Sizzling salmon with bean mash
Saturday - Pizza (from the freezer)
Sunday - Roast chicken

What's on your menu? Tell me then wander over to Mrs M's blog - badge above.
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