Monday, 16 June 2014

Meal Planning Monday - the World Cup edition!

OK, so I know that not all of you are interested but in this household, we are. I say that but generally, it's husband and me. Monkey says he is, starts watching then wanders off. Kids!

So, this week, I decided to have a go at a round the world World Cup menu to fit in with teams playing that day. You may not agree with all of these but this is what I came up with.

Monday - Benachin/Jollof rice with grilled meat (Nigeria / Ghana)
Tuesday - Chicken Kievs (Russia - Wikipedia says they're Russian or Ukrainian so ner)
Wednesday - Spanish omelette with "Russian" salad (Spain)
Thursday - Butties (England!)
Friday - Pizza (Italy)
Saturday - Empanadas (Argentina)
Sunday - Rice pot (S Korea)

So, that's our international menu. What's yours? Don't forget - MPM is hosted at Mrs M's blog, which has recently moved house.

See you next week.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Meal Planning Monday - the quiet week edition!

The title of this post is hopeful rather than truthful, I think. But then again, after last week, it IS quiet. I had something every night last week, and a school fair to boot. This week, I have only the classes I want to go to in the evenings. And maybe the odd bit of football. I'm hoping that this is the sign I can ACTUALLY have a quiet week and catch up.

Don't expect any fancy cuisine from me, it's nothing too complicated.

Monday - Shepherd's pie from leftover roast lamb
Tuesday - Falafel burgers
Wednesday - Sausages, cheesy waffles, mushrooms and beans
Thursday - Chimichurri steak sandwich
Friday - Slow cooker BBQ chicken
Saturday - Mexican lasagne
Sunday - Father's Day so probably not cooking

That's me, what are you having? Don't forget to visit Mrs M - who has moved to - for more Monday meal plans.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Meal Planning Monday - the getting into June edition!

Meal Planning Monday Hello.

I'm just in the process of getting over the half term holiday. In fact, it's not quite over yet - the children have an INSET day so don't go back until Tuesday. We've had a busy week, with trips to Edinburgh, cricket, cricket and more cricket, haircuts and a spot of stuff done in the garden - our garden fence is looking particularly lovely.

My menu this week is based on stuff I've found in this month's Good Food which landed last week and a carry over I didn't even get on the menu last week. I was that organised! This week, it's busy AGAIN! I have two evening meetings this week and the school summer fair on Friday evening (which I also have to bake for). And the children going back to school means that they are back on their regular schedules with dancing, swimming and cricket. So much for June being quieter!

This is it then.

Monday - Chicken wraps with sweet potato, salad leaves and tomatoes
Tuesday - Cheesy polenta with sausage ragout
Wednesday - Smoky mushroom burgers with roasted garlic mayo
Thursday - Sandwiches
Friday - not cooking; school fair
Saturday  - Meatball masala curry
Sunday - Roast lamb

Don't forget there are more meal plans like this over at Mrs M's place. Badge top right will take you there.

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