Thursday, 6 October 2011

Life Circle - Week 2

Life Circle Time to set another task! Boy, that has come round quick. I hope you found doing the Wheel of Life useful last week. The comments I've received suggest that you did and hopefully it identified some areas for you to work on. Thanks to everyone that took part and hello to those who are reading but not necessarily taking part. Although it helps to do all the tasks, you don't have to take part in everything and I really won't mind if you join in later or for a particular task. If you can offer other participants support and constructive comments, I know they will appreciate it.

What we are going to do this week is think a little longer term. We're going to work on the start of a Life Plan. Now, even to me, that sounds horribly organised and a bit control freaky but trust me on this. It won't be the 43 page life plan document that I saw a woman appearing on a television programme referring to a few years back. It will be what you want to make of it, because this is YOUR life.

What I want you to do is describe, in as much detail as possible, your ideal life in 5 years' time. Think about the different aspects of your life, perhaps remembering the 8 sectors of the Wheel of Life from last week, paying more attention to the areas with the lower scores if you can. Try and visualise how it will be to live that life, what forms part of it, what isn't part of it and so forth. For example, are you married? Do you have children if you don't already? Where are you living? What is your job? How is your health and fitness? What things will you have achieved by then that you haven't achieved by today?

Then take a step back. Think about 2 years from now. Where will you need to be in that timeframe in order to be on track to achieve that ideal life 3 years hence? Describe your life at that point in time bearing in mind the vision you have for your life. What will you need to achieve by then? How different will your life be to now? For example, you might need to gain qualifications to change career. You may need to move house or repay debts? What needs to be done?

Do this again for your life 1 year from now and 6 months from now. We could take it back to 1 month from now but that would give us too little time to work on. A life plan one month from now will look far more like a to-do list than a life plan. Don't let me stop you if that's what you want to do!

Blog about the results. You don't have to share the full details of your Life Plan with anyone. Give as much detail about it as you wish to give. Did this exercise throw up an issue you need to be tackling now that you've never realised is quite so urgent? How does your ideal life look? Did it surprise you? Has it spurred you into taking action already? How does having a clear vision of your ideal life in 5 years time make you feel - about your life now, and your future?

Write your post, then come back here next Thursday and link up as before so that others can find it. Don't forget the badge so that your readers can find the other posts easily.

Also, next week, I am going to be setting the next task so that we can get a little momentum going before Christmas. That way, hopefully we will all be ahead of the game in the post-Christmas doldrums that is New Year Resolution season of January.

If you need the badge code, it's here. I've updated the badge code so that it directs to the new Life Circle page instead of the homepage of my blog. If you can, use this version, rather than the previous one so that people who click are directed straight to all the Life Circle posts. Thanks!

Have fun doing the task, and I can't wait to read your posts.
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