Monday, 8 November 2010

A century of blogging

Well, kind of....

Blogger tells me that this is my 100th published post in 212 days. Wow, I do go on, don't I? I surprise myself actually - not that I can go on, more that I have turned some of my "going ons" into posts. When I started this blog, I really wasn't sure whether I had much to say. I'm still not sure I've fulfilled the original brief that I set myself, given that I don't blog about football all that much, nor do I talk about fitness that often. But I do blog about food, and you're probably bored to death hearing me talk about my family and the fun bit - well, that is just part of some of my posts. I hope.

But there we go. I've made it to 100. At first, I really didn't know what I was doing and just wittered on a bit. I lost a friend in March and a month later, her husband too which inspired me to blog, but the rest of April is just recipes and a couple of memes where others had tagged me. And then I stopped - I barely blogged the whole of May after going away three weekends out of four and being busy for the fourth weekend. But it saw my first post for the Gallery at Sticky Fingers to which I regularly contribute. In June, it caused to inspire me to write this post about my Dad. It was the hardest post I have written, and I cried buckets in the process of doing so. But somehow, and I can't explain exactly how, what or why, it fired me up to write more. The bug had bit.

July saw Missy Woo's 4th birthday, and although I suffered a bit of blogger's block, I tinkered with the look of the blog and changed it pretty much as you see it today with a few minor alterations. I also wrote a meme post about how you know you're a mum when various things happen and I wrote my first Dear So and So post, an idea started by Kat from 3 Bedroom Bungalow which was fun. Kat stopped DSS for a while but has now revived it so expect more posts from me in future as I find writing the letters both cathartic and hilarious at the same time.

August was an even bigger month. I was asked to be a Toys R Us Toyologist and so started to be sent lots of toys to review. And then, I took part in a Daily Mail article (not that I knew that it was for them at first) and they came to do me over so I ended up having a late (and so far singular) foray into "modelling". And I blogged about my weight loss progress.

Life changed completely in September when Missy Woo started school. She loves it totally and they love her. In truth, she was ready last year but had to wait her turn. September being back to school month caused me to reflect on our experience choosing a school for the children. And I started my very own Twitterholic meme which led to some great posts on lots of other blogs, all of which I enjoyed reading because I am nosey curious and have an inquiring mind. I wrote 21 posts in September so I think it's safe to say by then that I'd hit my stride.

October saw me make another big change in my life when I decided to reduce some of my volunteering commitments by stepping down from one role. In lighter moments, I wrote about my success as a Slummy Mummy and about my boobs - that post turned out to be particularly well read (must be the pic of Marilyn Monroe). I also gave a gift to Victoria as she left to go round the world and gave you my Desert Island Discs. I also ran a competition, for which I had an overwhelming 200+ entries.

And now, it's November. A week of toy reviews was leaving me flagging a bit but I took inspiration from other blogs and came up with the A to Z of my browser for this weekend. And that was post number 99.

So, here I am. I started out thinking I'd have a go, and 100 posts later, I'm hooked. I can't imagine not blogging - it adds an extra dimension to my experience of social networking that I previously only observed from the sidelines. I feel part of something, which is something that is often a bit of an issue for me. (And yes, I've blogged about that too!) Sometimes, I am up late - largely because I can't resist the hubbub of Twitter on a busy evening which distracts me - willing myself to finish a blog post so I can go to bed. A bit like now.  But I wouldn't swop it for the world.

Most importantly, for me anyway, I'm having fun. Thank you if you have been part of that fun over this century of blogging through comments here or on Twitter, or by writing a post linked to one of mine. It has been a blast. And long may that continue.
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