Monday, 6 September 2010

Starting school - a 4 year old's view.

Aren't I smart?
Hello, my name is Missy Woo and I'm 4 years old. I can write my name, do some little sums with help from Mummy or Daddy, and I like pink. Or purple. Preferably lots of both.

But, today, I'm not wearing pink. And I'm very, VERY excited about it. I'm wearing a green and white dress, green cardigan, white socks and black shoes. You see, I'm starting school and this time, I am going dressed as a REAL schoolgirl. How good is that? I've been waiting to go ever since Monkey, my brother, started last year. I kept asking Mummy when I could go to school but she said I had to go to nursery for a bit longer. I started asking her nearly every week how many more times I had at nursery.

In the summer, I went to school for two afternoons to meet some new friends. But I didn't go dressed as a REAL schoolgirl - I had my usual clothes on, so it was just playing at it. I had fun but it was over too quickly. Then I had my 4th birthday and thought I could start going to school straight away but Mummy said that no, I had to wait till September and I didn't know when that was. Mummy's quite glad she doesn't have to answer the questions about how long till I start school anymore cos I asked a lot.

On my last day at nursery, I took sweets in for the children and cake for the ladies who looked after me. And then the teacher came to see me at home last week. I opened the door for her, and she asked me what I like to do. I told her I like colouring, drawing and baking. She said I could colour and draw on Monday and maybe baking later in the week. Then she played my game with me and I told her how to play it. I showed her the book of drawings and things I've done over the summer. And I showed her how good I was at numbers. She said I was so good that she doesn't know what she is going to teach me at school. I like her, and the other ladies who help in the class.

Today, I'm just going for the morning so Mummy will have to come and get me before lunch. And we'll do that all this week so we can learn about what we do at school in the mornings. Then, next week, I'll go in the afternoons to learn about what they do then. And then, I'll really, really be a proper schoolgirl because I'll meet all the children in the class and I'll stay all day at school and have lunch. Mummy's told me about the lunches - about the nice things you can have. I'm looking forward to having fishfingers. And pasta. I like pasta; so does my brother. We'll want to eat it a lot. Or I might have pizza, I like that too.

Monkey and me
Last night, before I went to bed, Mummy plaited my hair whilst it was still damp. We found my Hannah Montana book bag and got my PE kit bag ready. I chose what I would wear today - but then, I've wanted to wear a dress and a cardigan for a long time, since Mummy bought me some dresses.

I stayed in bed this morning until the alarm went off and then I got dressed very quickly. When me and Monkey were dressed, we showed Mummy and Daddy that we were dressed alike. I chose my breakfast today as it was a special one. Chocolate spread on scotch pancakes! Mummy says not to expect that every day.

Can I go in?
Once we had breakfast, Mummy and Daddy took me and Monkey to school to my new class. I didn't even fight with Monkey over who's sitting behind Mummy in the car. It's MY special day so Monkey let me. When we got to school, they just about got this picture of me going in to my classroom. One of the mummies stopped to speak to me and after a few seconds, I ran off to go in. Last time Mummy took me in there, I told her to go away, even before the other mummies started leaving. I wouldn't even let her help me find my peg, but she came into the classroom anyway today and I gave her a kiss.

I'd better go now. Thank you for reading about my first day at school. I'm a REAL schoolgirl now. Bye, bye!

Missy Woo x
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  1. Oh now that has set me off! My son only starts next week but this morning, out of the blue, he wanted to know what lunch there would be and looked quite anxious! Now I am dreading it all over again.

    Hope Missy Woo has a lovely first day!

  2. Oh well done for getting a photo of her going in, that's very special! Glad she had a good first day, she looks very happy...mind you I would be with pancakes and chocolate spread for brekkie!

  3. Hi there, thanks for your comment. Oh yes, it does seem to come around quickly. Missy is young as she was only 4 two months ago but even so, time flies. I can't believe I'm now the mother of two schoolchildren. :)

  4. She is very adorable and very funny. I hire her out at reasonable rates too. No, not really, but she could keep you amused. Thanks for your comment. Just need to crack the hair now and we're all sorted. x

  5. Aww, well done you big grown up girl. Such a great adventure for you.
    Best of luck with the rest of school x

  6. Oh, that was beautiful to read, her eyes look so happy in the photos.


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