Friday, 31 December 2010

My wish for 2011

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I've not blogged at all this week. I kind of gave myself some time off and told myself I would only blog if I really wanted to. I haven't wanted, partly because I have not been well and not felt like it. Thankfully, I'm better now and have time to do my end-of-year post.

Everyone that has been blogging has been doing so about plans or resolutions for the new year. I am not going to do that. Technically, I'm still working on my 2010 resolution - which was to regain my pre-pregnancy size and whilst I am not there yet, I am a hello of a lot closer than I was a year ago. I am doing the same things as before, and as a resolution feels like a change, it feels odd to set one. I'll just carry this one over.

Instead, I've given some thought to my wish for 2011. What I want most in the world. I asked the good folk of Twitter what their wishes were and got a range of responses from holidays abroad to football teams winning trophies. Some were prosaic, others were more intangible and incredibly kind-hearted. Cures for cancer, good health and good fortune to those in need.

It made me think. The end of the year in our family has been one marked by ill health or ill fortune to relatives. My father-in-law is still in hospital in a high dependency unit, two weeks after keyhole surgery turned into major surgery to remove a bowel tumour. We're confident he'll be OK but obviously, it's a worrying time and the children have missed seeing him over Christmas. Others in the extended family have health problems and our thoughts are also with them. My sister, who got married in November, was made redundant in the middle of December. Great timing.

With these things in mind, I've decided on my wish for 2011. I wish for peace, happiness, health and wealth (material and spiritual) for those I love and those that they love.

And with that, I wish you a Happy New Year. See you next year.
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