Sunday, 19 December 2010

How to Make Monster Soup - by Monkey (aged 5 3/4)

This is a "guest post" by Monkey. He wrote it this morning completely off his own back and brought it to me. I think it's fab so I thought I'd share it with you. I'll use his words and spellings first and provide a translation - as he read it out to me - underneath. 

Over to Monkey..... 

How to make Monstar Monster SoPe

1 Fiei put a Man into the Pan.

2 next put a plug into the Pan.

3 Atht that put a slug into the Pan.

4 put a meeaacat into the Pan.

5 put so slim into the Pan.

6 put a telaviin into the Pan.

Photo credit: siulesoj
7 put a Powd into the Pan.

8 put so culud Powd into the pan

9 put so Iic Crim.

10 Put so Dogs into the Pan.

11 boil for 99 minits

(Translation How to make Monster Soup

1. First, put a man into the pan.

2. Next, put a plug into the pan.

3. After that, put a slug into the pan.

4. Put a meerkat into the pan.

5. Put some slime into the pan.

6. Put a television into the pan.

7. Put some powder into the pan.

8. Put some coloured powder into the pan.

9. Put some ice cream (into the pan). 

10. Put some dogs into the pan. 

11. Boil for 99 minutes. 

Apparently, this feeds 80 monsters. Bon appetit!)
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