Monday, 3 June 2013

Meal Planning Monday - the not very well June edition!

Meal Planning Monday
Well, I'm getting there but on Friday, I came down with a sore throat and later in the day, whatever is causing the sore throat completely wiped me out, so much so that I crawled into bed at 7.15pm and slept most of the evening, with the children looking after me and putting themselves to bed. I'm feeling lots better now after sleeping on and off all night on Friday and part of Saturday morning but the sore throat doesn't seem to want to go away so I'm sucking extra strength throat lozenges to avoid having to take paracetamol all day long.

Not the best end to our half term week although the children aren't officially back until Tuesday. Then they have Well being week at school and so are very excited about going in wearing sports kit instead of uniform this week. More exciting is the fact that Monkey should get his cast off on Wednesday so we can return to normal again, which is a relief. And it's your archetypal busy week - I have two evening meetings this week, Missy Woo has a party to go to, and it's Sports Day on Friday. I think we have something every day until the weekend (and then husband is working the weekend). Hey ho...

Nearly all these recipes are from this month's BBC Good Food magazine so I can't provide links as they take a while to get on the website. I drew up a shortlist and Monkey chose them - and asked for scrambled egg for tea as it's just him and me for tea due to the other half of the household actually having social lives (how very dare they?). It's all pretty simple stuff, nothing complicated and the Sunday stew will go in the slow cooker and be finished in the oven.

So, this is our week in food.

Monday - Scrambled egg
Tuesday -  Spicy salmon tabbouleh
Wednesday - Spicy bean tostadas
Thursday - Sandwiches
Friday - Chicken tikka burgers
Saturday - keeping free
Sunday - Lamb aubergine stew with crispy chickpea topping

Looking quite good, if I say so myself! Want more meal planning posts? Go to Mrs M's by clicking the badge above and you will find the linky.
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