Saturday, 23 July 2011

One thousand and eighty eight hours to go...

...until the children walk back into class again. Not that I'm counting, you understand.

No, not wishing my life away at all...
In the meantime, there will be:

- 144 hours away camping
- at least 240 away on a roadtrip/holiday
- 8 hours going on the train to MOSI
- 1 hour going to the dentist
- 2 hours going to the hairdressers
- 2 hours buying shoes (optimistic)
- 4 hours at the library
- 2 hours (possibly more) at a party tomorrow

That's 403 hours. Leaving me with 685 hours to fill. But then

- they'll be asleep for about half that time (hopefully) - that's another 343 hours
- there will be about 50 hours eating (and 55 hours of me clearing it up!)
- about 30 hours doing bathtime
- at least 100 hours playing outside (optimistic)
- probably 10 hours arguing (also optimistic)
- 20 hours tidying up and finding toys (hmm...)
- and 10 mins brushing teeth

Which leaves me about 76 hours to entertain and amuse them. Sod it, I may have to put on the telly.

I can do this - summer holidays are GO!

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