Monday, 25 July 2011

Meal Planning Monday

So, first week of the school holidays. As you will see from Saturday's post, I'm a bit daunted - at least last year, Missy Woo still had nursery two days a week so this is the first long holidays we have had with both of them home 7 days a week since they were both babies.

Anyhow, for this week's meals, I gave everyone the chance to choose a meal that they liked for me to put on the menu. That's filled 4 of the 5 weekdays, and on the other weekday, we are going out for tea for Granddad's birthday, leaving me with just the weekend to plan.  So, here we go with this week's meal plan:

Monday - Sausage, bean and cheese pasties (Monkey's choice)
Tuesday - Noodle stirfry with prawns (Missy Woo's choice - this is the child that wouldn't eat them two weeks ago!)
Wednesday - Mushroom risotto (Husband's choice)
Thursday - Going out
Friday - Mixed veg curry with chickpea pancakes (My choice)
Saturday - Fajitas (Family favourite)
Sunday - Honey and mustard pork with mash and veg

Quite a veggie week - only two meat based meals although we'll make up for it at lunchtime with hotdogs and ham sandwiches; but that's what we've chosen!

Why not pop over to Mrs M's blog for more meal planning entries? And why not tell me what are you having this week?
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