Monday, 25 March 2013

Meal Planning Monday - the freezer springclean edition!

Meal Planning Monday
It might well feel like it's still Winter - we had snow on 22nd March with massive drifts on some of the roads, what is going on? - my freezer is desperately in need of a spring clean. I've got things in there I could really do with using so this week, before I put together my plan, I did a quick audit of things that need turning into meals in my two freezers and added in a couple of things from my cupboards (which could also do with sorting out but not quite so urgently). This keeps the food bill down, and reduces wastage.

Nothing is particularly complicated - they're often things I've made before with a couple of new things thrown in for good measure (or at Monkey's request, he wants to try Tandoori Chicken!) One of the recipes comes from another blog that links up to Meal Planning Monday - when I have time, I like to look around and note down ideas for future weeks so I'm never faced with a blank sheet of paper when starting my plans. Saves me even more time and I get to discover new blogs all the time!

Here's the week - the children here don't finish until Thursday by the way so it's fairly "normal" until Thursday and then they are off Friday. Husband is working the weekend so it's just the kids and me so it won't feel that much different than any other weekends and won't feel much like Easter.

Monday - Spicy bean fajitas
Tuesday - Thai Fish Pie
Wednesday - Slow cooker pork goulash
Thursday - Home made burgers and baked chips
Friday - Tandoori chicken
Saturday - Freezer surprise (there's a pie in there that needs some extra potato topping but I can't remember what it is!)
Sunday - Ham hock and cabbage hash

Don't forget - there are lots of entries on Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday - click on the badge to start discovering.
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