Monday, 18 February 2013

Meal Planning Monday - the fairly late but feeling almost summery edition!

Meal Planning Monday Yes, yes, yes. I'm late with this. I actually worked out WHAT meals we were going to eat this week but didn't work the when. This was because we were away and when I arrived home, I had to make sure I'd done my online food shop.

So, having not picked up the food until this afternoon, I've just gone through what we're having and asked the kids when we were going to have each thing. This week seems to have a summery feel to it in places and the weather since the weekend seems to reflect that - it might not be the warmest but it's dry and sunny.

Monday - pizza (which we've just had!)
Tuesday - Homemade fish finger sarnie
Wednesday - Bean burgers with lime yogurt and salsa
Thursday - Summer vegetable curry
Friday  - Lemony prawn and pea risotto
Saturday - Baked chicken masala with almond pilaf
Sunday - Chilli beef shepherd's pie

So that is us. Over at Mrs M's place, you might find some much less cobbled together plans. 
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