Monday, 14 May 2012

Meal Planning Monday - the Wembley edition?!

If only it were me that were going to Wembley but the male half of the household is going on Saturday to see Blackpool play in the play-off final against West Ham, leaving the female half at home. Actually, I'm going to a conference on Saturday morning and Missy Woo is going to a friend's house to play, and in the afternoon, we may watch the match on telly and go out for tea. The rest of the week is still quite busy in that kind of post-sale way - catching up with things that went by the wayside last week. We're actually having something that is not sandwiches this Thursday, because Monkey has no football so I can bring them both home after school - so happy about that! 

So, here we go with this week's plan - links where available. Some recipes are from this month's BBC Good Food magazine and therefore not yet on their website but they might be in a few weeks. 

Monday - Sweet chilli dogs
Tuesday - Aubergine, tomato and lemongrass curry (original and full recipe from Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries)
Wednesday - Sticky marmalade chicken with mash and broccoli
Thursday - Herbed lamb cutlets with roasted veg
Friday - Healthy salad nicoise
Saturday - keeping free
Sunday - Roast chicken (this will either be a celebration or comfort food for the Wembley wanderers). 

What are you eating this week? Is your menu becoming more summery or are you sticking with warming meals?

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