Monday, 12 March 2012

Meal Planning Monday - the Mothering Sunday edition

We're having a quieter week this week after  Monkey's birthday celebrations. Having said that, we still have the usual weekly activities and school is having a Science Week, including a family Science evening and so, we won't be totally bored. This week is just a mix of some older favourites adapted for the slow cooker and some recipes I'd like to try.

Oh yes, and as Sunday is Mothering Sunday, I am not cooking. Husband has therefore told me what he is going to cook with the children. Apparently, they are also making pudding but I'm not entirely sure what right at this very moment. There is still time for this all to change before Sunday, but they can go shopping for the ingredients!

So, eyes down, look in, people. Here's the menu for this week with links where I have them. (Not that you need a recipe to make sandwiches, eh?!)

Monday -  Pork and veg chilli (slow cooker)
Tuesday -  Thai spiced fish pie
Wednesday -  One pot lentil chicken
Thursday -  Sandwiches
Friday -  Pea and pesto soup with fish finger croutons
Saturday - Slow cooker risotto
Sunday -  Sausage and chorizo goulash

So, what's on your menu this week? Don't forget to pop over to Mrs M's place to check out the other entries on this week's linky.
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