Monday, 3 October 2011

Meal Planning Monday - the 5 for £20 edition!

Time for a different style of post this week again. I'm testing out one of Sainsbury's 5 for £20 meal plans this week. The idea is that the meal plans will provide 5 family meals (for 4) for just £20. Seems amazing in the times we're living in, doesn't it In order to prove it, Sainsbury's have sent me a £20 gift card to give it a go and see how I get on.

You can find all the meal plans on the Live Well for Less website where you can choose between a weekly plan, which plans all your meals, or just the evening meal plans as we are doing this week. Earlier in the year, we tried a weekly meal plan for £50 and we even filmed ourselves making one of the dishes and ended up in a Sainsbury's advert on the telly!

I've tweaked the meal plan so that the meals fit around husband's shifts (and the children's social life!) the best, so we're not having anything on the day, but the principle is there. What I liked is that I could print off the shopping list and then just add a few items to it that I need. I've crossed off two things that I have lots of in the house and don't need anymore but included one of the store cupboard items it assumes you have so we're probably about even on cost. If you want, you can also add all the items to your online basket (although I noticed that it instructed you to add certain items for some reason)

So we are having

Monday - Sweet potato and chicken hotpot
Tuesday - Sausage and potato bake
Wednesday - Smoked salmon, pepper and pea spaghetti
Thursday - Chicken, mushroom and pea risotto
Friday - Turkey and bean lasagne
Saturday - leaving free (at a family party)
Sunday - Cottage pie (not on meal plan)

I'll let you know how we got on with the meal plan next week. I'm off to Sainsbury's this morning to buy everything. It's good timing as the nearest branch has just had a major refurbishment, involving a whole new floor, and only reopened just before the weekend so it will all be new and shiny - looking forward to that.

In the meantime, tell me what's on your menu this week. And whilst you're at it, visit Mrs M and see what other lovely bloggers have got lined up for their week.

(Sainsbury's sent me a £20 giftcard in order to buy one evening meal plan as detailed on their website. I have not received any further compensation and all opinions and words are my own.) 
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