Friday, 30 September 2011

Gino says "Hello" and solves your lunchbox problems

Do you remember, back in the halcyon days of Spring, when I was invited to London to interview the one and only Gino D'Acampo? You don't? I'm going to have to point you at my interview with him here and here, aren't I? Tut.

Anyhoo, Gino made a little video for this very blog to introduce his Good Food Fight which he launched with Cheestrings back in May. It's supposed to be attached to another video but I've been so swamped with things since our holiday, there's not been time for that. So, here's Gino saying hello to you all. Say hello back.

The purpose of the Good Food Fight campaign was to make lunchboxes fun for children whilst keep them healthy. At the time of interviewing Gino, I was about to put the children on packed lunches for the summer term. However, this ended badly after the children didn't eat their lunches so we ended it after 3 days so making regular lunches is not an issue for me but I know people do struggle with it. Packed lunches seem to be the norm rather than school dinners. In the series, Gino visits mums at home and shows them a few recipes to help them solve their lunchbox problems. However, in this video, Gino discusses the solutions to some common lunchbox problems.

You can view all of the videos from the series on the Netmums TV channel on Youtube.

Do you struggle to provide healthy, yet interesting, packed lunches for your children? If so, what are your lunchbox problems? Or do you have a tip or quick recipe to share with the rest of us? Leave a comment in the box below either way. 
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