Monday, 26 September 2011

Meal Planning Monday

It's Monday so it must be meal planning time!  This week's is kind of rushed - I'd started putting together a plan on Saturday, and then on Sunday morning, I realised I would need to do the food shopping as I'm out most of the day. So, this week is slightly cobbled together as I only had written what sort of dish eg "fish" for some of the days so I had to do a hasty extra spot of planning in my head. Never good but never mind. 

So, here we go: 
Monday - Honey mustard pork, potatoes and broccoli
Tuesday - Spicy chicken and bean stew (probably adapted for slow cooker)
Thursday - Shepherd's pie (but may yet resort to sandwiches as Thursdays after school are madness)
Saturday - leaving free
Sunday - Slow cooker mushroom risotto

So why not tell me what you are eating this week? And when you've done that, why not pop over to Mrs M's place and see what everyone else is having this week? 

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