Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Flowers to make your day

I love getting flowers. They never cease to make you smile. I guess it is the simple extravagance of receiving something that is beautiful but ephemeral. They are fleetingly at their best but they have so much to add. Yes, slightly extravagant, but so beautiful. If someone buys you flowers, it's a rare honour indeed. It makes you feel special, doesn't it?

The lovely people at Interflora have sent me flowers before but when they asked me if I'd like to receive some more, there was no way I could say no. They allowed me to choose what I wanted, so for me, it was all about one flower: the lily.

I love lilies. I adore the cala lilies but they were rather expensive. So I settled on these, which were delivered to my house the other day. Aren't they gorgeous? They are absolutely stunning and arrived in that lovely vase - a genius idea because I am forever hunting around for some big vases when I get big flowers such as these (not that that is a common occurrence, you understand!). As you can see, they made a nice centrepiece on my new coffee table. Don't get excited - the flowers actually cost a lot more than the table. (God bless Swedish furniture stores!) They have filled the room with a fantastic smell too.

If you're interested, the bouquet that I was sent was the Extra Large Scented Lily Vase, which is also available in pink. And it's also worth remembering that if you do order from the Interflora website before 3pm on any day except Sunday, they can be delivered the same day. You can also find local florists, like florists in London. Great if you need to save the day because an occasion has slipped your mind. And as all orders get sent to a local florist to make up and deliver your flowers, they will always be as fresh as possible. These arrived last Thursday and five days on, they still look good as new.

Now I just have to have the income to afford lilies sent to my home weekly. That'd be nice! This is my little pat on the back to myself for surviving the holidays so far.

(I was sent these flowers for the purposes of writing a review. I have not received any further compensation and all opinions are my own. )
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