Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Toyologist (Guest) Review: Keter Artisto

This Toyologist review is a bit different. I'm pleased to welcome Simone, from SFR Product Reviews, as a guest poster. Simone was sent the Keter Artisto to review with her daughter Liv. Here is what they thought of it...

The Artisto double sided easel table from Keter is one of the latest additions to a fantastic range of larger childrens' toys. A double artist table - perfect if you have two children, the main feature is the perspex sheet held firmly in the middle of the table which allows children to be as creative as they want to be. On either side of the perspex sheet are "lips" which allow paper to be held into place, absolutely ideal for painting!
I was given the task of putting the Artisto together... luckily there aren't too many separate pieces and all fit together/slot into place with ease. Just don't do what I did and get too complacent when pushing the pieces together!! Ouch! The only screws included are used to hold the centre piece together and ensure it is safe and secure. All in all an easy job for anyone! 
I was really impressed with how sturdy the table was when in place, though slightly on the large size it would fit in most living rooms, yet due to the glorious weather at the time, we placed it in the garden. As soon as Liv could, she jumped on one of the seats and started painting straightaway. She absolutely loves it! She enjoyed it even more when a playmate came over and joined her on the other seat. The two large rotating accessory compartments, which come complete with two yellow paint pots, are a fantastic addition as they make storing pens and crayons a lot easier. The perspex centrepiece can easily be removed for creative time on the actual table which can easily accommodate larger pieces of paper. 

The multi-coloured table is very eye catching indeed and I am really impressed with how interactive it is - Liv definitely has a creative, artistic side and this is the perfect item for unleashing her talent. It is her own space and she was happy enough to sit there for long periods of time doodling away! 
My neighbour's son, who is almost 7, was able to sit at the table with great ease so I would recommend the table for children up to the age of 7-8 years. It is certainly a permanent feature in our garden now and is the first thing Liv runs to when out in the garden!

Thanks once again to Simone (and Liv!) for writing this review. It certainly looks like that Liv enjoyed playing with it and that you get to enjoy it for a long time to come!
(Simone was sent the above toy to review and keep, and has received no other compensation. The opinions stated here are her own, and she has not been told what to write.)
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