Monday, 27 June 2011

Meal Planning Monday

Time to get back on the meal planning wagon! Everything went well last week - I've now made that Italian Meatloaf twice and still not actually eaten it as it's good for making ahead and leaving for the rest of the family to eat later. One day.

I think this week's meals are all from Nick's book again. Apart from the weekend when Missy Woo is in her first dancing show ever which is scuppering plans for everything else.

So here we go, this week's meals.

Monday - Chicken and tarragon hotpot
Tuesday - Sticky baked salmon
Wednesday - Sesame beef chow mein
Thursday - Minced lamb and pea curry
Friday - Creamy pork and cider
Saturday - Sandwiches
Sunday - Sandwiches

I've managed to get a proper mix of meals in this week! I actually planned this list of meals last week so maybe I should do that again.

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