Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fancy a Meal Planning app? Then vote for us!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Mums On Three event in Manchester. Three are working to try and help mums save time. Apparently, they discovered from a survey that mums think that they could save themselves around 135 hours a year by using their smartphones more. At the event, we designed an app to help mums save time. We're up against 4 other teams from around the country. The winning app will be designed and available for download (for free). The lovely Sandy led our team and made a video detailing our idea.

What we came up with was a meal planning application. It was a popular choice and several people had the same idea as me. What we envisage the app doing is allow you to make a weekly meal plan from popular choices of meals - it will be preloaded initially with some popular family recipes - and plan your week's meals. You'll be able to scale up or down according to the size of family that you have and allow you to set preferences for dislikes or allergies etc. And then, when you've planned your meals, it will create a shopping list. We see this as a great timesaver so that you can get your meals planned in one go and hopefully all your groceries bought in one trip to the supermarket.

If you would like to vote for us, please go to the Three UK page on Facebook and like it then go to the Mums On the Go Mums tab and like our video, which is, of course, Weekly Meal Plan.

If we win, we'll be credited in the app and will win a slap up meal but that's all that's in it for us. As you know, I really rate meal planning as a way to keep your food bills down as well as saving time, and helping you to eat a more varied diet as a family. Obviously, I think this is the best idea.

So please, vote for us!
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