Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Playlist: Childhood

Another week when Sarah's prompt is irresistible to me. She wants to know about the music of our childhood. I am going to share not one, but two songs with you today which reminds me of that time. Please do remember that I am much older than the rest of you.

Vinyl was the order of the day when I was small. My parents had a decent record collection (if you excluded the James Last). The first was a particular favourite which we played loads of times. I will stress that both of these songs date back several years before I was born. I may be old, but I'm not THAT old.

A corker, yes? It's a classic; so upbeat and brilliantly performed by Bobby Darin. I can't believe he died at only 37. He was only 23 when he recorded Mack the Knife - his voice sounds so mature. His was the definitive version and when I hear it, I end up humming or singing this for hours afterwards.

The other song is completely and utterly different. It's an instrumental piece, a film theme tune,  but you do hear it on Radio 2 occasionally.

I don't know exactly why I like it but it just does remind me of my childhood. The violins are soothing and uplifting at the same time.

Apparently, A Summer Place was a romantic comedy which must have been unremarkable as it appears only to be famous for the instrumental theme, recorded by Percy Faith. It won a Grammy for Record of the Year, becoming the first film theme and the first instrumental piece to do so. As a child, I was totally oblivious of this and only realised that it was a film theme as an adult.

That's my Childhood Playlist. What's yours? Click on the badge below to find out more choices from other great bloggers.

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