Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I love...

I love that my children are growing and changing every day.

I love their smiles of delight when they first see me after school or I pick them up from somewhere and the cries of "Mummy" that they utter almost involuntarily.

I love the way that Missy Woo wants to cram onto my lap at every opportunity to get a cuddle and if necessary, be scooped up and held like the baby she no longer is.

I love that they eat like horses and thankfully eat their fruit and veg.

I love that last week, Monkey said "Mummy, your cooking is LOVELY" whilst eating his tea. Unprompted. On two separate days.

I love that Missy Woo wants to buy me a new phone for Christmas, even though she won't be able to afford it for the next 10 years. I love her selflessness and kindness to others.

I love their growing independence, even if it a nuisance sometimes when we're in a rush.

I love their sense of humour, even if the jokes they tell are terrible.

I love that they went to a wedding last week, stayed up late and behaved so well. Some of the dancing was a bit dodgy, but they had a ball.

I love the way they take things so literally. Missy Woo wanted to know last week if she was once a twinkle in Mummy's eye how babies get from your eye to your tummy. (Yes, I know, my own fault.... )

I love that Missy Woo can now hula hoop, having not been able to only a few weeks ago and almost giving up. That she has worked out that practice really does make perfect.

I love that they have an answer for everything, even when it is damned inconvenient to get those answers.

I love how they continue to amaze me with new abilities every day.

I love when they use a word, in context, that I didn't even know they knew. And I also love when they use a word and it comes out all wrong.

I love how they can sit down sometimes and totally absorb themselves in an activity.

I love that they are true 21st century children - Monkey told us to "look it up on the Internet" tonight.

There are often many things I don't love about my children but then, they are not perfect. Nor are they meant to be. However, there are many more things that I do love about them. They are beautiful. They are funny. They are clever (although I am biased). They make my heart burst with happiness.

I may not say it enough but I love my children.
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