Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Colour Red

This week's prompt from Tara for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers was the colour red, a theme for Halloween and again, there are prizes on offer of some Halloween face paints.

Monkey loves the colour red but strangely there are very few photos of him wearing it. There is one that I've featured in a previous week's Gallery. We bought new Halloween costumes a few days before the prompt was published and of course, we had gone for non-red options.

And then I found this picture, and thought I'd tell you the story behind it. It has no Halloween slant at all but it does feature some red.

This is the first picture I have of Missy Woo standing up, wearing her lovely red dress which sadly didn't fit her for that long. It took a long time to get to this point. She was a late developer (like her mother), preferring to talk (like her mother), and bum-shuffling instead of walking (you get the picture). She did learn to crawl after starting nursery one day a week so she had a mode of transport for all eventualities - crawling for real speed, and bum-shuffling for those times she wanted to carry something with her. Why on earth did she need to walk?

Despite my arm nearly dropping off carrying her as she was never the lightest of babies (yeah, that too), I was not bothered because I know I got there in the end (I can confirm I do not bum-shuffle anywhere). Her brother was a demon crawler and late walker, refusing to walk unaided until he was 18 months old. Missy Woo left it a bit longer. This picture was taken just 2 months before her second birthday and she had just started to walk. In other words, she was 22 months old. I got very bored of people if she was walking "yet" and was I worried? Answer - no. I could see she was developing in other ways, and I was not ready to sign her up for the baby Olympics. There are no prizes for coming first.

We bought her some shoes quite early and I seem to remember she helped to choose them because they were pink and oh yes, she had an opinion even then and wasn't afraid to express it (yeah, yeah - I know).

I think in the picture, she is more interested in Monkey's trainers (which are not red but he was very proud of them because they had flashing lights!). But this represents a major milestone in her life - upright and walking at last.

And, over two years down the line, does it show that she was a late walker? Does it heck!

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