Sunday, 26 September 2010

Reviews: A Toyology compilation of living creatures

I've got a few more toys to review for you today. As you might have seen, we are Toys R Us Toyologists and are currently on our second parcel of toys to review. However, due to Monkey and Missy Woo being away on holiday then back at school, we're a bit behind on some of the things from the first parcel so I thought I'd combine a few into one post as they are all quite short reviews.

The first is Bobbin' Bumblebee (£8.99). This is a game where Robin the Bumblebee flies around in a circle; the players have honeycomb discs which they protect by flipping a paddle to knock the approaching bee away to stop him taking the discs. Monkey and Missy Woo quite enjoyed this game but it lasts only a minute or two. Although they enjoyed it, it didn't really hold their attention and they soon moved onto something else. I think it would be better for toddlers/preschoolers - as they are more likely to be happy to keep setting up the same game again and again, rather than my two, who are past that stage now. The game is listed as suitable from 3 years and it would be perfect for that age. It's quite easy to put together, but it can come apart easily too. 

The next is Moon Dough Playful Puppies Set (£7.99). If ever there was a toy that divided a household, this was it. As soon as the children saw it, they got very excited. Monkey knew it was like playdough but never dried out, Missy Woo wanted to make puppies, which you do by pressing the dough into the top of a kennel mould maker and turning the handle, with the puppies falling out of the bottom. Bones and food can be made by pressing the dough into separate small moulds. That's the theory anyway. The dough is very light compared to playdough. We found you really needed to work it hard to make it pliable enough for fitting correctly into moulds, and you needed to start moulding it straight away or you'd need to work it again. It is also really crumbly, and made a huge mess everywhere. We all found it hard to fill the moulds properly so that you got the nice pretty figures you see on the box. Overall, the children loved it, but as a mother, I didn't. I expect some mess from craft activities but this was too messy. I would be far happier if it was reformulated to be less crumbly and messy, whilst keeping its lightness and bright colours.

Finally, we have the Ocean in My Pocket Coral Reef Playset (£19.99) and accompanying Newborns pack (£3.99). Missy Woo's eyes lit up as soon as she saw this and she wasn't disappointed once we had finally wrestled it out of the multiple wires holding it in the packaging (a pet hate of mine!). The Playset is a play park for a mummy whale and her three babies that are included in the set. There is a slide, a swing, a merry-go-round and a swing for them all to play on. It's great for imaginary play and Missy Woo was fascinated with it, taking it off to the playroom to sit down and put everything through its paces. When I asked her, she seemed to enjoy the swing for some obscure reason but she got a lot of pleasure out of it all and was totally absorbed. In short, she loved it and I think it was worth the money for that alone. 

The Newborns pack contained three tiny figures - in this case, a baby seal, a jellyfish, and an oyster. And they really are tiny - I can hold all 3 of them in my fist! I think parents would feel better about the price if the figures were slightly bigger and they came in less packaging. Missy did like them but only because she could use them to play with them alongside the playset and she is not yet inclined to carry them in her pocket as intended. The baby seal is a favourite, but there's not a lot you can do with a jellyfish and an oyster. I would buy these for a child that already had the playset, because they would provide further options for playing with it. 

(I was provided with the above toys to review and have received no other compensation. The opinions stated here are my own, and have not been influenced by the aforementioned compensation.)


  1. How cute is that little pocket coral reef playset. I would have LOVED that as a kid!

    Becca x

  2. I've been tempted by the moon dough for my boys as they always express an interest when he advert comes on the TV... however, I had my suspicions as a parent that you have just confirmed. I don't think this fool and his money will be parted just yet!

  3. Are you still liking Total Action Football? YS wants it but I've read some unfavourable reviews ie it's hard to play, players break

  4. Yep, Missy certainly likes it. Seriously cute. She's not big on dolls, my little girl but this is a girly thingy that she loves.

  5. Hi Steve, thanks for your comment. The moon dough does have the advantage of being wheat free and hypoallergenic so might be the only way some kids can play with modelling dough but yes, it does have its disadvantages (although the mess did hoover up!)

  6. Thanks for the comment. Erm...... ;)


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