Thursday, 2 September 2010

Our first Toyologist parcel and Review: Pass the Bomb Junior

So, last week, this big box turned up at our house. I waited in all day for it but it didn't arrive until late afternoon. It was our first Toys R Us Toyologist parcel. Unfortunately, Missy Woo saw it being delivered so I couldn't hide it and keep some toys back. An hour or so later, when Monkey was back from his swimming lesson, and tea had been consumed, two very excited children opened the box.

We were really glad to see a nice mix of stuff, including some arty crafty type things. Wish I could have had them earlier in the holidays! Anyway, we have only had a couple of days with them since opening the parcel as they have been away on holiday so we have only had chance to play with one or two things therein. Monkey and Missy Woo thought they'd show off their new things - it was just like Christmas or a birthday. (We had a fight later over whose bed Geoffrey Giraffe should sleep in!)

Before they went to bed, we allowed them to play with something. One that leapt out at me was "Pass the Bomb Junior" because it was simple to set up. Here, with some cack handed amateur photography, is the pack and contents.

You get a set of picture cards and a "bomb". I am really not a fan of games with lots of fiddly pieces that have potential to get lost so I was pleased with the simplicity of this.

The idea of the game is that players have to come up with words that fit with the scene on the card (eg "At the beach" could be "sandcastle"), and pass the ticking bomb on as they do so. The bomb "explodes" anytime between 10 and 60 seconds after it's switched on, so you have to come up with words quickly and pass on the bomb. If the bomb explodes whilst you have it, you get the card. The player with the least amount of cards wins.

Monkey and Missy Woo loved this, although they seemed to love the ticking bomb the most. They grasped how to play quite quickly although it took them a couple of goes to understand that getting no cards was good! The box says it is suitable for 5 years upwards, but Missy Woo is only 4 and managed to join in. As it was easy to understand and simple to play, they played happily without getting bored for quite a long time.

The game is great for families to play together. The bomb is fun; it was the thing that kept Monkey and Missy Woo excited and interested whilst playing it. It's also educational, as it could help children to learn new words and the scenes have titles in English, French and German - not that we could play the game completely in another language!  It would be a great "rainy day on holiday" game; the children did take it on holiday but only played it a couple of times as they had lovely weather.

Overall, we gave this game a big thumbs up. It's simple but fun, and in terms of the length of time it can keep children occupied, it's good value for money.

Pass the Bomb Junior costs £12.99.

(I was provided with Pass the Bomb Junior to review and have received no other compensation. The opinions stated are my own and have not been influenced by aforementioned compensation.)


  1. You gusys are just too disgustingly lucky. Not fair!
    Can you do a degree in Toyology?

  2. That sounds really cool. Hope we get that in one of our boxes!!! x

  3. A berm!! Sorry, slipped into Clouseau just then. That game looks a hoot!

  4. Ooops, sorry. :)

    I'll ask Toys R Us if we can put B. Toys or sommat after our names when we're done. :D

  5. Yeah, it's great. Maybe it will. thanks for your comment.

  6. I had Sellers in my head all yesterday, you know. :) It is a hoot. Your boys would enjoy it tho the pix might be a bit basic for them. I suspect Wunderkind might find it a bit babyish.


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