Friday, 16 July 2010

Dear So and So

I thought I'd join in with Kat from 3 Bedroom Bungalow's regular "Dear So and So" feature. It allows you the chance to write letters that otherwise might go unsaid....... Here are mine. Feel free to do your own and link back to Kat's page.

Dear So and So...

Dear Sunday Driver,

Please don't annoy the rest of the driving public by driving on a weekday. Also, driving at the speed of a snail because you are looking for your turning is not only bloody annoying to other road users who wish to get somewhere before the next day, it's ridiculous. You miss your turn? Turn around - takes 30 seconds. You are obviously not in a rush.

Get a Sat Nav, Kate

Dear Call Centres,

Ringing me, an unknown person, and asking "How are you today?" does not mean you are my friend nor make me want to buy any of your products or services. Rather, it pisses me off and just makes me shout "No!" into the receiver and put the phone back down. I'm a busy woman, and I've got TPS.

Leave me alone, Kate

Dear Mormon,

Normally, I love you guys and a polite "no thanks" to your visits suffices. Stopping me in a street that isn't even where my home is, accosting me as I'm trying to deal with one child and collect another from a party, being insistent on talking to me in the middle of the road then offering to come back later does not endear you to me. Unless I go around with my home address attached to my back, there's no way you're going to find me anyway. So there.

Yours with the upper hand, Kate

Dear Asda,

Put a coffee shop in my local store. PLEASE!

Yours thirstily, Kate

Dear Monkey,

Thank you for teaching me a valuable parenting lesson this week. And well done for all your hard work at school this year. Even if you didn't think your quality work was great sometimes, I thought it was. You're a clever boy. Now please can you be an angel in the school holidays?

Yours hopefully, Mummy


  1. Love these! Sunday drivers should really stay at home until day 8 of the week!!

  2. Fab! I can see that I could have some fun with a post like this one!

  3. LOL, love these. That last one is a pearler. :-)

  4. Oooh..what a great idea! One could get a lot off one's chest this way! Love the last one..... It's nice to end on a positive note too!

    xx jazzy


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