Monday, 14 October 2013

Meal Planning Monday - the October comfort food edition!

Meal Planning Monday(I couldn't think what else to call it!)

It's getting colder. Yeah, it's not that cold compared to some of last winter. But cold, compared to what it used to be recently. I don't like this. The heating is on, although don't tell husband but I've got it set so it's only just taking the edge off the cold in the house which means it's not coming on that much at the moment.


Need to use up leftover roast chicken this week and I have a dish carry over from last week after a change of plan when Missy Woo went out for tea on Saturday leading to a freezer dive. We're away at the weekend at a family party for my nephew's 30th birthday. Yes I do feel old, thanks very much.

So, this is it.

Monday - chicken and stuffing pasties
Tuesday - Sweet pea fish pie
Wednesday - Beef keema with carrots and potatoes
Thursday - Sandwiches (tho I'm going out in the evening)
Friday - Honey mustard pork
Saturday - away
Sunday - keeping free, possibly fish finger butties or just takeaway

So that's us. Another week of meals, another week closer to... half term! Click on the badge above to find the rest of this week's meal planning delights by more lovely bloggers.
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