Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Meal Planning Wednesday?

Meal Planning MondayI'm getting terrible! The weekend was very busy and sadly, husband had to withdraw from the Ironman a short distance into the cycle as he caught a cold that went to his chest. It kind of threw us out as we were planning to catch up with him at various points and instead we had to go on a mercy mission to collect him from a high school I had never been to and had no clue where it was, and then we had to take him to his car later so he could collect it, then his bike and his other stuff. It was sad, but it was the right decision as he knew he couldn't finish the bike (he knows the hills to come). He turned up to collect his bike shortly after the time cut off for starting the run and a number of people came in just a couple of minutes late and were quite distressed they couldn't continue. He was glad it wasn't him as by then, they would have been going for ten and a half hours.

Still, it was a shame after all that work. And after a weekend of trying to cook something with all the blackcurrants we have, I'm trying to keep on top of work. I have kind of had this plan in place anyway, especially as Monday's meal was a carry over from last week and today's was kind of put on hold.

This is the week I have planned.

Wednesday - Veg curry - effectively a fridge bottom one.
Thursday - Fish stirfry
Friday - Turkey tortilla stack
Saturday - Salmon nuggets & s pot chips
Sunday - Pork and veg folded pizza

Normal service *should* be resumed next week.
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