Monday, 20 May 2013

Meal Planning Monday - the busy pre-bank holiday edition!

Meal Planning Monday Yes, I know - we seem to be busy all the time at the moment but this week, we've had some added complications, which I'm sure you'd know about if you followed me on Twitter. On Monday evening, Monkey broke his arm. Well, we think it's broken - the hospital aren't actually sure but he's got his arm in a cast until at least this Wednesday when he returns to fracture clinic for his temporary cast to be removed, be x-rayed again - without swelling this time - and then they will decide if there is a break and if so, he'll have a proper cast put on which will probably be easier than the one he's got on at present. Needless to say, I could have done without a 3 hour trip to A&E on Monday, and having been there with Missy, I know that fracture clinic can eat up a day very quickly. On top of that, I'm spending most of the day at school today as I'm one of the governors on an interview panel to appoint a new teacher, plus I'm still working extra hours. And it's nearly half term, how did that happen?

The only positive I can find so far about Monkey having his arm in a cast is that he can't go swimming, meaning Thursday afternoons are a little less fraught right now.

I gave everyone an opportunity to choose food and only Monkey came up with something definite - his favourite dish, something we haven't had for ages so that was allowed. Later, husband chipped in with a choice of a risotto. You'll note the chicken stew is on there - I completely forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer on Thursday night and then spent a good chunk of Friday morning in school (see above) so we ended up with steak pudding with chips all round! I WILL get it made this week, I truly will. Missy vaguely said she wanted some pasta and that stew will go with it.

After much waffling from me, here is the meal plan for this week.

Monday - Salmon with butterbean mash (as it can be done in 10 mins flat)
Tuesday - Honey mustard pork with mash
Wednesday - Prawn and pea risotto
Thursday -  Sandwiches
Friday - Chicken, pancetta and mushroom stew
Saturday - Corned beef and beans pie
Sunday - Slow cooker lamb and sweet potato curry

That is the plan anyway, assuming that children stop breaking limbs, of course.

I must be going, I have too much to do! Go see what else lies in store meal planning wise by visiting Mrs M's, by clicking on the badge above.

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