Monday, 7 January 2013

Meal Planning Monday - the back to normal January edition!

Today - or sometime this week at least - marks the return of the normal routine for most people, with children returning to school and the lucky ones with long Christmas holidays going back to work. In our case, the children go back to school today, and my birthday always marks the end of Christmas and New Year celebrations. And much as I love my children, I need to get back into a routine and do some proper work! My husband has been working slightly different shifts over the holidays and so, although he's been working, he goes back to his normal evening shifts tonight too. We do have our friend staying for a day or two more, and the only other thing that is different is that I am going to London for a meeting on Saturday and am going to be out for 12 hours. Luckily, when I made crispy cheddar pie on Saturday, the quantities were vast so I made a separate one and froze it so that can be done without anyone doing any cooking.

I've got a booklet from BBC Good Food this month (actually, the February edition, it works very strangely!)  on healthy meals which is where most of the meals come from. I actually sat down last week and put this plan together and I've already planned next week too, as there was so much to choose from. It certainly makes shopping easier when you know what you're having. We're trying to get back into the healthy eating thing again now all the excesses of Christmas feasting is done.

Eyes down, look in, here is our meal plan for the week.

Monday - Veggie packed shepherd's pie (recipe pretty much identical)
Tuesday - Pork goulash and rice
Wednesday - Mexican chicken stew with flatbreads
Thursday - Indian chickpea and vegetable soup
Friday - Easy eggs with ratatouille
Saturday - Crispy cheddar pie from the freezer
Sunday - Lamb meatball and pea pilaf with cucumber yogurt

And that is that. More meal planning love can be found over at Mrs M's.

What does your meal plan look like? Is it healthy eating all the way or comfort food (or both!). Do let me know.

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