Monday, 26 November 2012

Meal Planning Monday - the almost December edition!

Almost December. Well, it will be by the weekend. I'm still keeping the shopping down but I have done a shop already. I lasted 13 days between big shops by the way! I only had a Saturday night delivery because I had a discount code from Ocado and it was cheaper for delivery than Sunday.

I've picked out a couple of new things to make this week but I'm still trying to be vaguely frugal and not buying too much so that the freezer level keeps dropping. I'm using up some things in my freezer and fridge and I'm making lasagne again because, well, everyone really enjoyed it. Friday is being kept free because my good friend Lynne is finally getting married and we're all going to the party in the evening and I'm going for the day. On Thursday, we not only have dance lessons, we also have a meeting afterwards at school so that makes that afternoon and evening a little chaotic.

Here we go.

Monday - Slow cooker vegetable hotpot (my own recipe)
Tuesday - Paprika chicken
Wednesday - Lasagne
Thursday -  Bean burgers
Friday - keeping free
Saturday - Sweet and sour pork
Sunday - keeping free

Don't forget Mrs M has the Meal Planning Monday linky.  And tell me what you're having this week.
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