Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Paxos fish stew - a Sunvil Supper Club recipe

You may have noticed this dish on my meal plan yesterday. I was asked if I'd like to try this recipe and share my thoughts on it for the Sunvil Supper Club. Sunvil are an independent travel company who specialise in holidays to destinations off the beaten track. Appreciating the local culture in the places their customers visit, they started the Supper Club to share their passion for these destinations using food. Every month, they blog a recipe linked to one of their destinations.

So, this month, the recipe is Paxos fish stew. Paxos is a tiny Greek island, roughly 7 miles by 3 at its widest. Being an island, fish dishes are very popular. This stew is very simple. Usually, it is made with grey mullet or sea bream but any old firm white fish will do, which is good as Asda had neither so I bought some haddock fillets. I actually made something similar last week and was just as simple with a few changes. It relied on paprika, wine, bay leaf and stock for the non-fishy flavours. I love prawns so I bought some to go in the stew as well. They were cold water ones - hardly authentic but I love them, so there.

I found the potato didn't need as long as 20 minutes to cook, so this was made from start to finish  in half an hour. This includes 5 minutes where I hunted for some potatoes that disappeared into thin air, so I may have used a little less than the recipe. The picture makes it look really dry but with the tomatoes, wine and stock, there was plenty of juice. Would have been good to dip in some bread but Monkey was in a ravenous mood after school and polished it off, helped it has to be said by me, equally ravenous.

This is a lovely, healthy meal, yet still warming and tasty. The only thing I was surprised it didn't contain was olives, given that Paxos is well known for its olive groves. Perhaps I'll add those in for me the next time I make it, when I will remember to ensure I have the right amount of potatoes in, and I have a reasonable amount of bread in that won't be wolfed down by a 7 year old beforehand.

(Sunvil sent me a £15 giftcard to cover the cost of buying the ingredients to make this recipe.)
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