Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My little evacuee

Yes, I know, two post from me in a day, you are spoiled!

Monkey's topic at school this half term is World War II. Yesterday, the class visited the Museum of Lancashire to learn about the war and they were asked to dress up as evacuees.

I could have gone off to eBay to buy a costume but I have better uses for the tenner it would have cost me. So, in the true blitz spirit, I put together this outfit from things we had. You can't really see but he's wearing old school shorts, grey socks (which I did buy but he's going to use for school now), the waistcoat he wore to my niece's wedding, an old check shirt, and a brown coat which he usually refuses to wear with his old school shoes. I didn't manage to get a cap but I looked at pictures of evacuees on Google and it seems like it was just as common for them not to have a cap as have one. I did try to slick his hair down with hair wax but his hair was too short. School sent home the label to attach to him and I wrapped a shoebox in brown paper and tied it up with string for his gas mask box. Unfortunately, he managed to pull the string off about 5 minutes before I took this pic, leading to swearing on my part, reattaching it with sellotape which meant he couldn't wear it round his neck as planned. Children, eh?

My sum totals of purchases was some grey socks and brown paper. Make do and mend in action. My grandparents would have been proud.

Do you like it?
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