Monday, 23 July 2012

Meal Planning Monday - the easy cooking edition!

So, the kids are off school now and this week, so is husband. And the Olympics start on Friday. Well, actually, for us it starts Thursday as we're going to the Olympic football at Old Trafford - so I won't be cooking then.

With the Olympics starting, I'm going to be making stuff as simple as possible. The special fried rice and chicken you might recognised from last week - various things means it never actually happened so I'm rehashing it this week.

Here is my easy peasy week

Monday - Special fried rice with BBQ Chicken
Tuesday - Gnocchi with roasted squash and goat's cheese
Wednesday - Chicken tomato curry (made with a sample of a sauce I got ages ago)
Thursday - not cooking
Friday - Olympic bagels, onion rings (the snacks), donuts (can you spot the theme?!)
Saturday - New potato and smoked mackerel salad
Sunday - Beany nachos

That's it. What about you? Have you been to see Mrs M's linky with all the other MPM entries this week?
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