Monday, 30 April 2012

Meal Planning Monday - the post-marathon edition

So, we are post-marathon. Husband ran the Greater Manchester Marathon yesterday in shocking conditions in 4:37, seven minutes faster than he ran his first one last year. He reckons he could have shaved off 15 to 20 minutes off that time if the wind hadn't been so bad, which would have been great. In fact, he went through a half marathon in 2:07 which displays how well he was doing until he hit the really hard bit. We're all so proud of him, Missy Woo drew him a picture with the words "Winner" along the top and she's desperate to take his medal into school.

Onto this week. It's a mixed week - I have cake club tomorrow night so I will mostly not be eating for a day before or after and husband has a meeting and possible social event on Thursday. Plus, it's our wedding anniversary on Saturday so will probably be going out on Saturday as a family as we are a bit short on babysitters at the moment. We have, therefore, a few old faves to make to use up freezer stocks and a couple of new things to try.

Onto our plan.

Monday - Turkey and cranberry meatloaf (from My Daddy Cooks)
Tuesday - Pizza
Wednesday - Lamb coconut and mango pilau
Thursday - Sandwiches (possibly pizza if Missy Woo's friend comes for tea)
Friday - Sticky chicken wings - without the noodles!
Saturday - keeping free
Sunday - Roast vegetable and goats cheese penne (also from My Daddy Cooks)

So, what are you having this week? Mrs M has more Meal Planning Monday entries on her linky.
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