Saturday, 17 March 2012

LifeCircle 2012 - Next steps

Life Circle

I've just realised this is the 10th week of LifeCircle, 2012 edition. We are well into our 3rd month of moving our lives onwards. I'm wondering if this is a good point to take stock, and stir up some more action.

Not only is this our 10th task, the next week is the start of Spring. If you believe the Met Office, Spring actually started on 1st March but the more traditional first day of Spring is next Wednesday, which is the day before I open the next linky.

A few weeks back, we wrote a Life Plan  which was meant to throw up issues and things to do NOW. We've also worked on some time management techniques and that should be helping us move forward.

But is it enough?

What I want you to do this week is review how far you've come with your LifePlan, remind yourself that you're nearly a quarter of the way into your first year, and ask yourself if you feel you've moved at least a quarter of the way towards where you want to be in all areas of your life in the "one year from now" section of your LifePlan. Can you identify pressing matters you need to tackle that you've overlooked? If your progress has fallen behind, how can you get it back on track? Even if you're ahead of schedule, can you identify something that you could be tackling to keep you ahead of the game? Has something else cropped up that needs tackling before making further progress? What 3 things do you need to be tackling in the next week or so that you can actually achieve in that time? What one big thing do you need to complete soon to keep you on track? How do you feel about that?

Questions, questions - but they are all there to help direct your thinking before you do some blogging! Feel free to go off piste if you need to on this one - we are all different, facing varied issues and we might need to take different approaches sometimes. There is no right answer for all of us.

As usual, come back after Thursday when the linky will be open and will remain open until nearly Easter. Talking of Easter, LifeCircle will be taking a break over the holidays so I'll be setting a longer task soon.
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