Saturday, 26 November 2011

Music Therapy

Meme tags seem to like buses - none come along for ages then several all turn up at once and you never know which one to hop on. I was tagged for this meme by both Lynne at Honiemummy (who I know in real life, I might have mentioned that before) and the ever-lovely Garry from The Blog Up North who, quite simply, is the reason I got blogging. And because they asked nicely, I thought I'd give it a go.

It's called Music Therapy and it was started by the blogger now known to all as Mammywoooooooooooo - you had to be there to understand why! I love Lexy's blog as she writes so well so it's well worth a look if you've never visited before. The idea is that you pick three songs by different artists which speak to you in some way, blog about them, then tag others to continue. As I've come late to this, I might struggle to find willing volunteers but I'm prepared to give it a go. 

Narrowing down all the songs that you love down to just three is pretty damned hard. This is more likely to be three songs that either speak to me now or are uppermost in my mind at the moment for whatever reason. I've racked my brain over the last few days and finally, almost spontaneously, have settled on my choices. Ask me again in a week and these might very well be different, but these are mine for now. 

Here goes.... 

1) Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water

When I was a child, this was everywhere and I probably suffered from a bit of fatigue about this song. However, I've come to appreciate it more as an adult and yes, I watched the BBC programme about them last week and this just stood out from all the rest. The words are simple but comforting and it's just beautiful. It's a classic (cliché alert!) but it stands the test of time. There isn't much from 1970 that sounds this good today. I defy you not to love this.

2) Jon Secada  - Just Another Day Without You

I've loved this song for years. It's possibly uncool to like it but I do. The words are so sad and his voice is fully longing. Who hasn't been in that place? By the way, I also like the version he sings in Spanish. I have no idea why I thought of this song right now but it popped into my head and it is a song that speaks to me.

3) Keane - Somewhere Only We Know

Oh, this song is gorgeous. I remember being blown away by it the first time I heard it. It was released shortly before we went off to Florida to get married in 2004 so I always associate it with that time, even though the words are quite sad as in "This could be the end of everything" but the music behind it is uplifting. To me, it's feelgood music. I stop everything whenever I hear it, to take it all in and let it raise my spirits.

So that's my three. So I'd better tag a few people to carry this on for Lexy. I'm going to choose:

Gemma at Storm in a K Cup - she works in radio so she'll either ace it or she'll find it harder than the rest of us. Plus I'm returning the favour on the tagging front.
Yorkshire Mum at Yorkshire Mum at Large because I'm sure she will have some great answer.
Karen at If I Could Escape because she likes her music and I don't chat to her half enough these days.
Kirsty at Gone Bananas because she also likes her music and I have spoken to her even less recently!

and hope they don't mind me tagging them. If you're not mentioned and you want to join in, don't wait to be tagged - join in and leave me a link to your post in a comment. Or, if you don't have a blog, just list them in the comments. What would be your three?

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