Monday, 28 November 2011

Meal Planning Monday

This week is a bit of a rush job as the meal plan was put together hurriedly when I got sent a 25% off voucher from Ocado on Saturday morning for delivery yesterday. As I was at the Good Food Show yesterday (more of which soon!) and staying over in Birmingham the night before, it seemed like a good idea to put a meal plan together and get shopping. Result - one meal plan and a delivery booked! Some of the days are a bit thin on inspiration - but for example, on Friday, it's the school Christmas fair in the evening and so there won't be a lot of time for anything as I usually help to set up. This week is very busy anyway for me, with some work I'm doing on a work assignment, plus the children are off school on Wednesday as expected and it's the start of Christmas madness!

So here are the scores on the doors for this week:

Monday - Jacket potatoes with beans and cheese
Tuesday - Omelettes and salad
Wednesday - Lamb risotto with zucchini
Thursday - Pizza
Friday - Sandwiches
Saturday - Shepherds pie
Sunday - Vegetable curry with chapatis

Not particularly inspiring and I seem to have got out of the habit of cooking fish again, but apart from the tin of beans I'll be opening on Monday, it's all homemade.

So, how is your meal planning going or is it going by the wayside with Christmas approaching? I must admit that spending a little time planning what we're having when saves me so much time during the week itself that it is completely worth it.

Oh, and don't forget - you can find more meal planning posts by visiting Mrs M.
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