Friday, 19 August 2011

Toyologist (Guest) Review: Keter Handz-on

This review is another guest post by Keris, whose website is here. Keris writes in various places across the internet and has just had her second book published. You can read all about her and her blog by visiting her website. Keris was sent the Keter Handz-on to try out and here she reports back on how she and her son Joe got on with it.

The arrival of the Keter Handz-on Creativity Desk was greeted by 2-year-old Joe hopping up and down next to me, yelling, "Open! Open!" While I went to get scissors, he actually started ripping open the box with his bare hands.

I emptied the pieces out of the box and looked at the assembly instructions, but they really weren't needed - it was pretty straightforward. It all just clicks and slots together and I had the whole thing built in, I'd guess, less than a minute.

And as soon as I had, Joe sat down and yelled for paper. And he hasn't stopped playing with it - and yelling his demands - since. And this is not a child who sits still easily or, generally, willingly.

He loves the side pieces with the included rolling pin, cutter and shapes, plus he's a big fan of the hand holes. I like the large drawing area and the tray at the back for pens, paints, etc. It's nice to keep it all under control.

It's not too big - we push it up against the wall when Joe's not using it and it's light enough to move from room to room if needed, plus it's sturdy enough that my 7-year-old has also used it quite comfortably.

Joe's even demanded meals at it, he loves it so much. Recommended.

Sounds like the Handz-on was a big hit with Joe! I'd like to thank Keris for agreeing to and writing this review. 

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