Sunday, 14 August 2011

A piece of cake?

As you know, I like to bake. I am not that brilliant at it in that I can't make my cakes look fancy, but they do turn out nice and taste pretty good. But I can follow a recipe and make most things. From scratch, that is.

OK, I admit it, I am a bit of a food snob. I hardly ever buy cake mixes. I can do it myself and most recipes are not difficult or lengthy. So, when Dr Oetker got in touch with me and offered me the chance to try some of their products, I wasn't all that bothered about trying their cake mixes. I use Dr Oetker for various things - baking powder, bicarb, and sprinkles (which mostly get used on ice cream cones). I used their coloured regal ice earler in the year to make this cake.

One of the things they offered as a sample was cake release spray so I agreed as I've always wanted to try it. What I was actually sent was a canister of cake release spray, a tarte au citron cake mix, citrus flavoured strands (what I call sprinkles), polka dots and chocolate regal icing.

So, one Sunday afternoon, I decided to try the tarte au citron - which is really a lemon sponge cake. The packet says you need to add just butter and eggs. Obviously, it forgot the cake tin! They even included a sheet of baking parchment to cut to size before lining your tin. The powdered mix combined very well - there were no lumps and it was soon in the tin. I used the cake release spray to grease the tin. It went on very easily and I really liked using it instead of rubbing butter on the tin. And the cake came away nicely after cooking. I've used it a couple of times since and I've had no problems with sticking. And yes, I use non-stick baking tins mostly but cakes can still stick to them.

To give the cake an extra finish once I'd dusted it with the icing sugar from the packet, I added some of the citrius flavoured sugar strands as an added finishing touch for extra flavour and a bit of crunch. Here's the finished version:

And you know what? The children gobbled the cake and asked when they could have it again. Monkey said it was the best cake ever. Until the next one I make, of course. But grrrrrrrrr. I still like making my own cakes but I will admit, however grudgingly, that cake mixes aren't all bad, that they make nice cakes that you can knock together quickly and because they'll look homemade and your house will have the authentic smell of baking, people will think it's all your own work. I just prefer making my own cakes from scratch.

We've still to use the chocolate regal icing, but the polka dots are proving popular with the children for sprinkling on their ice cream cones they have as occasional treats. All in all, a lovely selection and thanks ust go to Dr Oetker for sending us so many yummy things to try.

(I was sent the above products as samples to try. I have not received any further compensation and I have not been told what to write)
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