Monday, 15 August 2011

Meal Planning Monday

This is going to be my last Meal Planning Monday post before back to school week. Next week, I'm going to be travelling around for a few days, then we're going to be in Devon on our holiday and although we are self-catering, I'm not packing recipe books so I'll be sticking to old favourites that I can cook without thinking.

This week is slightly random too. The rest of the household are off camping again so I have no real need to cook until Thursday when the wanderers return, so it's only really half a week. Sorry for the short-changing and all that.

So, here we go with this week's (half) plan:

Thursday - Mushroom and spinach lasagne, garlic bread and salad.
Friday - Moroccan-style chicken stew and couscous
Saturday - Toad in the hole (potentially to use up sausages from camping)
Sunday - Tapas tea (in honour of the start of the Spanish football season, we are that sad!)

So there we go. Share with me what you're having this week then come back again in September when I start meal planning in earnest again.

Check out Mrs M's blog for more meal planning ideas! (This may not be true as she's on holiday at the moment, but if not, old posts might also give you inspiration.)
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