Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A return to Toyology with another review: Silver Cross Classic Deluxe doll's pram

If you've hung around this blog long enough, you'll know that last year, we were invited to be Toys R Us Toyologists, testing and reviewing toys. Monkey and Missy Woo absolutely loved this and the parcels were greatly anticipated. Excited little faces would implore me to open the box from "the Starman" - as they came to believe that such a person existed as the tape used to seal the boxes had the Toyologist star on it.

Anyway, we were very excited to be invited to be Toyologists for a second year, hence the shiny new badge in the sidebar. The excitement built to a fever pitch until last week, the Starman sent us a new box of toys to try. And so, it's time for another review.

One of the toys we were sent was the Silver Cross Classic Deluxe doll's pram, suitable for children over the age of 4. Now, Missy Woo is not normally that big on dolls but she does love her soft toys. She already has some pushchairs and I thought she might not be all that bothered by this but she was delighted with this and immediately put her Hello Kitty to sleep in it. It's got pretty much everything - a raincover, a parasol, and a matching change bag. It has a shopping basket underneath and an adjustable handle. All the things a real mum with a baby would have. It looks fairly solid and chunky and I was concerned that it was going to be a bit heavy on the manoeuvrability, especially when moving it in and out of the house. However, Missy Woo has taken it outside a few times over the weekend and it made its way in and out without my help so I think my fears were unfounded.

The pram does fold down flat which you would definitely want to do if space was an issue because up, it's quite big.

I asked Missy Woo what she thought of her new pram. She told me she loved it. I asked her what she liked about it. She said "the wheels". When I asked her why, she said, "Because when I push it, the wheels go round and round". Insight! When I asked her what she didn't like, she told me that when she was pushing it outside, she didn't like the way the "umbrella" flapped around. And she's right - the parasol isn't the best in our opinion; a tad flimsy and not very adjustable.

I do think this is quite an expensive toy. At £69.99, it's certainly the most expensive doll's pram on offer but it is bigger than most and it is Silver Cross. It's too early to tell if it will withstand the rigours of life with two boisterous children but it looks up to the job so far, parasol excepted. Overall, we like this, and it would be a great special present for a little girl who really loves her dolls and wants the best for them.

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(I was provided with the above toy to review and have received no other compensation. The opinions stated here are my own, and have not been influenced by the aforementioned compensation.)

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