Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Gallery - My backyard

So the prompt this week is "My backyard". I could have given you things like my Silent Sunday this week or the previous week, but that would be boring, wouldn't it? They are nice pictures but you've all seen them before. Haven't you? (The correct answer is yes, by the way. Just saying.)

So, instead, I'll give you a picture of my actual backyard. Well, I'm English so it's my back garden, thank you. This house has been my home for getting on for 12 years. It's always had grass which is unusual for a new build - for some reason, they were struggling to sell it so they grassed the back. At one stage, we added a deck at the top of the garden, but then when Monkey was a baby, we had a conservatory built and had flags put across the back of the house. Then a few years ago, the deck was turned into a veg patch. Now, the garden is part play area, part vegetable (and fruit) garden, part outside space for sitting. I still can't believe that we ate  two meals outside on the same day - in April. We're quite high up and the wind does mean that the garden is much much cooler most of the time than down in the town. We even had a frog in our garden a few weeks ago, which also featured in the Gallery.

So, here we are. My backyard in the early evening light. This was taken about 5.30pm on Tuesday. Had the weather not turned nice again today, this would have been a very soggy picture indeed - or a complete no-show from me as we have had rain nearly every day for well over a week.

And of course, constant rain and warm temperature means the grass desperately needs cutting! Oops... try to ignore that. Looking at that picture, I think it looks vaguely cottagey but it's not. We have other people's gardens on three sides. It's just a normal garden in suburbia.

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