Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Gallery - Green

I must admit, I'd hoped that such a seasonal prompt would draw some pretty prose (I nearly said purple then, but that seemed wrong) but no, such verbosity seems to have escaped me today. I do know that the warmer weather and lighter nights when Spring comes around is greatly welcomed by me and the emergence of green everywhere nature acts as a reminder that it has finally arrived. In the last week, the garden has been glorious in the lovely weather but in need of a serious sort out in the veg patch, lawn and vine department.

Whilst clearing out the veg patch, something else green caught our eye. Well, he caught ours actually. My husband managed to get a shot of him holding court, looking imperious, wondering where the water is and where his kingdom had gone, before realising that he's not a prince, he's a frog.

He just needs a princess to come along and kiss him.

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